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AS Roma: All Time Top Goal Scorers

AS Roma is one of the most iconic football clubs in Italy, and indeed in the world of football. The club has a rich history that is filled with memorable moments and talented players. And in this article we will glance at the highest goals scorer for AS Roma.

Founded in 1927, the club has a rich history of success, having won three Serie A titles, nine Coppa Italia trophies, and one European Cup. One of the key factors behind the team’s success over the years has been its all-time leading goal scorers.

These players have not only helped Roma win important titles but also cemented their place in the club’s history. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the all-time top goal scorers for AS Roma.

Most Goals for AS Roma

Roma is a club with history and heritage. Hence it doesn’t come as a surprise to see that it has a long list of most goals scorers. And this list indeed includes the likes of some of the biggest name in the history of the game.

From Francesco Totti, who is a living legend in the ranks of Roma to Edin Dzeko, and Rudi Voller, the club has had its fair share of world class players. Hence, in this article we are going over the most goals scorer for AS Roma in the history of the club.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

All-Time Top Goals Scorers for AS Roma

#Player / Current clubAPPGoalsYears
1Francesco Totti7853071993-2017
2Roberto Pruzzo3151381978-1988
3Edin Dzeko2601192015-2021
4Amedeo Amadei2341101939-1948
5Rodolfo Volk1601061928-1933
6Pedro Waldemar Manfredini1641011959-1965
7Vincenzo Montella2581011999-2009
8Abel Balbo182871993-2002
9Marco Delvecchio300831995-2005
10Dino Da Costa163791955-1961
11Giuseppe Giannini437761981-1996
12Agostino Di Bartolomei314691972–1984
13Rudi Völler198681987–1992
14Mirko Vucinic203642006–2011
15Daniele De Rossi616632001–2019

All-Time Top Goals Scorers for AS Roma overview

1. Francesco Totti 307 Goals for AS Roma

Undoubtedly the most legendary player in AS Roma’s history, Francesco Totti spent his entire professional career with the club. He made his debut in 1992 and went on to score an incredible 307 goals in 786 appearances. And hence is the all time top goals scorer for AS Roma.

Totti was known for his incredible skill on the ball, his vision, and his ability to score from anywhere on the field. He won the Serie A title in 2001 and also led Roma to the UEFA Cup final in 1991.

Totti was known for his incredible skill on the ball, his vision, and his ability to score from anywhere on the field. He was a versatile player who could play in multiple positions, but he was most effective as an attacking midfielder or a second striker. Totti was also a leader on the field, and he captained Roma for many years.

2. Roberto Pruzzo 138 Goals for AS Roma

Roberto Pruzzo was one of AS Roma’s most successful players in the 1980s. He joined the club in 1979 and spent nine seasons in the capital, scoring 138 goals in 289 appearances.

Pruzzo was a dominant force in front of goal, with his physicality and ability to use both feet making him a nightmare for opposing defenders. And is remembered as one of the all time highest goals scorer for AS Roma.

Pruzzo’s greatest moment at AS Roma came in the 1982-83 season, when he scored 19 goals to help the club win their second-ever Serie A title. He was also a key part of the team that reached the European Cup final in 1984.

Pruzzo was known for his physicality and his ability to score with both feet. He retired from professional football in 1990 and remains a beloved figure among Roma fans.

3. Amedeo Amadei 119 Goals for AS Roma

Amedeo Amadei was a talented midfielder who played for AS Roma from 1936 to 1953. He scored 111 goals in 234 appearances, and he was known for his creativity and vision on the field. Amadei helped Roma win the Serie A title in 1942 and also won the Coppa Italia with the club in 1941 and 1942.

He was a creative force on the field, with his technical ability and vision making him a key part of AS Roma’s attacking play. He was also known for his ability to score from set-pieces. He also helped the team win the Coppa Italia in 1960 as a coach.

4. Rodolfo Volk 110 Goals for AS Roma

Rodolfo Volk was one of the earliest stars of AS Roma. He joined the club in 1931 and spent 16 seasons in the capital, scoring 106 goals in 161 appearances. Volk was a quick and agile forward, with his speed making him a difficult player to defend against.

Volk was part of the AS Roma team that won the Serie A title in 1942, and he was also a key player in the club’s run to the 1937 Coppa Italia final. He retired in 1947, having made a significant contribution to AS Roma’s early success.

5. Pedro Manfredini 106 Goals for AS Roma

Pedro Manfredini, an Argentine forward, played for AS Roma in the 1960s and is the fifth-highest goal scorer for the club. He scored a total of 104 goals in 164 appearances for the club. Manfredini was known for his pace, dribbling skills, and his ability to score from long range.

In conclusion, AS Roma has been blessed with some incredible goal scorers over the years. From Francesco Totti to Pedro Manfredini, these players have left an indelible mark on the club and have helped Roma win some of its most important titles.

Francesco Totti is leading the pack with an incredible 307 goals but the likes of Roberto Pruzzo, Rodolfo Volk, Amedeo Amadei, and Pedro also etched their names in the club’s history books with their impressive goal-scoring feats.


How Many goals has Francesco Totti scored for AS Roma?

Francesco Totti has scored 307 goals in 785 appearances for AS Roma. He is the record goals scorer for the Italian club.

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