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Chelsea: Didier Drogba explains he does not recognize his club “anymore”

Didier Drogba, the former Chelsea stalwart has spoken out about his beloved club, saying that Chelsea’s string of poor performances and slump does not feel like “his club” and he does not “recognize” his club anymore. He was heard saying, “I no longer recognize my club”, launching a withering attack on Todd Boehly owned club.

Bowed out to the best

Real Madrid, one of the best in the business in UEFA Champions League knockout stages has pronounced a thumping defeat on Frank Lampard’s side as a Rodrygo brace sealed the deal for the defending champions. Chelsea owner Boehly and other stakeholders has been under the fire in the entire season for all of the wrong reasons, as they have spent a lot in the transfers, but still are reeling in the bottom half of the League, and to add to their woes, they have been eliminated by Real last night.

The critics have had their fair share, including ex-players and managers. Drogba, a former Chelsea legend and a former teammate of present manager Lampard, has also joined the force as he was heard saying to French TV Canal+, “I knew this club with a certain class during the [Roman] Abramovich era, but today I find it lacking. It’s very hard for me to see how they got rid of certain people. They should go back to the principles and values they had. I no longer recognize my club.”

“It will take work”

Lampard remained numb on assessment of Drogba, but he believes that his club has the capacity to turn the tables. He said, “People will make a lot about this season for Chelsea because we’ve had so much success and the reality is this club’s going to be back and it will take work and maybe a bit of process. The fans appreciated the performance tonight and maybe there have been moments this season when they’ve not been feeling like that, so we have to latch on to that and get results and performances until the end of the season and go again next year,” applauding the fans support in the last match.

Needs to act fast, as he might not be considered next season

Lampard, owing to a string of poor results, might not be considered in the next season, as he is having a horrendous season with the “Blues”. He was heard saying, ” We have to pick ourselves up. We have been fortunate to have success for 20 years. Many many clubs in the Premier League would dream of our success in the Champions League, year after year Premier League winners. So this is a year where we are not quite where we want to be and there are reasons for the transition. A few years ago we didn’t make the Champions League one season and won the Premier League the next. We can’t be too short term with it. There are places we want to improve as a club and I think maybe the level of game tonight shows that because we played a good game and lost.”

He urged the fans not to jump into conclusions too early as he promises to improve the club. He reported, “So I don’t think it’s a time to jump too far ahead of the step that’s in front of you. The step that’s in front of us is seven games in the Premier League to show that performance because that’s the standard. And, of course, the end bit, being clinical and scoring, is absolutely crucial and something we need to address.”

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