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Edwin van der Sar: Dutch football legend rushed to hospital after he suffers brain hemorrhage

In a shocking news in the football world, it has been reported that former The Netherlands and Manchester United legend Edwin van der Sar has been admitted in a hospital in Croatia after he suffers from brain hemorrhage while holidaying in Croatia. He has been admitted in the intensive care unit and is being looked after by specialists.

Edwin van der Sar suffers cerebral hemorrhage, rushed to intensive care

Edwin van der Sar, the name carries a weight of being one of the legendary Manchester United goalkeepers as he was on top while playing for the Red Devils. When Sir Alex Ferguson was at helm, it was van der Sar who has saved the blushes of his team numerously with his tremendous agility and tenacity while guarding the goal. One of the untouchables of the legendary “Red Devils”, this time it is van der Sar who needs support and care from all around the world as he has suffered from a untimely brain hemorrhage and is being taken care of in a Croatian hospital.

He was also the CEO of the Dutch club Ajax and is responsible for every transfers and nurturing of talents. In this incident, Ajax has released an official statement which reads, “”On Friday, Edwin van der Sar has had a bleeding around his brain. He’s currently in hospital in the intensive care unit and is in a stable condition. Once there is more concrete information, an update will follow. Everyone at Ajax wishes Edwin a speedy recovery. We’re thinking of you.”

A double Champions League winner

Van der Sar was one of the elites of the United team as he was considered to be one of the best in business while keeping. His records and accolades speak for themselves as he has won the Champions League with Manchester United and Ajax both during his peak. He hung his gloves after the 2011 spectacle against Barcelona and switched to non-playing roles post that match.

He had decided to step down as the CEO in an official statement in May, confirming his departure from that position as he said, “After almost eleven years on the board, I am done. “We have experienced wonderful things together, but it has also been an incredibly tough period.”

He further continued, “I am very grateful for the people I have met and worked with during my second career at Ajax, and what we have achieved and been through together. I feel the need to take some distance, to get some rest, and to do other things.”

“It doesn’t feel good to take decisions about the future of this wonderful club in the coming period. That is why I have decided to resign.”

Emotions and supports poured in for the legend from all over the world as his former club Juventus, where he had a two year spell, and Serie A has tweeted, “Get well soon, Edwin. The entire world is thinking of you,” while FIFA official handle added, “Wishing you a speedy recovery, Edwin”.

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