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Emiliano Martinez: World Cup winner mimics controversial celebration style in recent Kolkata trip

Emiliano Martinez, one of the bests for Argentina, has mesmerized his fandom and critics alike after he paid a short visit to the “City of Joy” for two days. He was on the headlines once again as he whips out his controversial celebration which he had inaugurated while collecting the Golden Glove award for his exploits in the tournament.

Emi Martinez greeted to a hero’s welcome

Emiliano Martinez-undoubtedly people will say this name was not on the headlines before 2020. A second choice keeper for Arsenal, who just kept on waiting for his time, as he could not make the cut to the starting eleven, owing to several legendary starters like Petr Cech and Bernd Leno, and having played in few loan spells across the continent, “Dibu”, as he is fondly called by his fans, was finally fielded as Brighton’s Neil Maupay inflicted a nasty blow to first-choice keeper Leno. From that point, there was no looking back for the Argentine as he had been one of the beasts for “La Albiceleste” over the past three years. Leading his team to Messi’s first ever international triumph in Copa America two years back to winning the Golden Glove award in World Cup owing to his heroics throughout the tournament, not to forget the last-minute stretching save against France in the final, Martinez has won it all. This time it was Kolkata’s treat as the “City of Joy” was enthralled on welcoming their favorite Dibu, as the legend wooed his audience over his short two-day visit.

Along with that, he has dropped some hints on returning to Kolkata, but this time, with a bigger and greater gift, as he said he will persuade Messi to come along with him to enthrall his supporters.

In one of the many felicitation ceremonies, Emi was handed a Golden Glove which was identical to the one which he won in the World Cup. After receiving it, he heard the loudest cheers when he mimicked his trademark celebration for which he was renowned.

“Is a joy”

Dibu, later was invited to the Mohun Bagan tent, which is one of the famous clubs of India owing to the rich heritage it possesses, and was engaged in a busy itinerary as he inaugurated the Pele-Maradona-Sobers gate in the tent, ahead of packed stands, where he was greeted by thousands of football fanatics who could not contain their excitement after seeing their hero in front of them.

Emi spoke about his dream of coming to Kolkata again as he was thrilled and enthralled with the love and support he got as he was heard saying, “To see so many people cheering for you, and Argentina is a joy”, and as he spoke, chants of ‘Messi’, ‘Messi’ reverberated across the stadium. In reply to which, Dibu instantly replied, “This is not the end, I hope to come back to India to play with Argentina and Messi. Now when I come to places like this, I realize the importance of winning the World Cup. Making people happy. I said I would come to Kolkata to see the culture, the beautiful Kolkata city. I’m really proud to be here today,”

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