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Explained: Why VAR did not intervene in Bernardo Silva case during MCI vs RMA UCL Semifinal?

In a fearsome clash between two giants of the footballing world, Manchester City and Real Madrid could only muster a draw.

The highly anticipated UCL 2022/23 semifinal played at Bernebeu, somehow lived up its billing as City and Marid played out a 1-1 draw in the first leg of the tie.

However, there are some fans and pundits who believe that Madrid should have won. As the goal scored by Kevin de Bruyne in the second half had illegal buildup.

Illagal build up to goal?

Real Madrid took an early lead in the match with a first half strike by Vinicius Junior. His ever threatening presence created a moment of chaos in City’s defence, making space for the first goal of the game.

However, City was quick to cut the deficit in the second half. They buried a goal in the 67th minute with a strike by KBD from outside the box to beat Courtois.

Following this goal, there was a yellow card shown to the manager of Los Balancos for protesting. Later it wsa revealed that the Brazillian was protesting for the ball going out of play before the goal was scored.

The incident took place right in front of the technical area when Bernardo Silva played a square pass which led to the buildup of the first goal for Man City. Since Anceloti had a clear view of the incident he was livid with the fact that a technical error by the referee had cost his side the lead.

To add salt to the wounds, the incident was not even checked by VAR. This irked the fans even more, because an after-game analysis of the incident showed that the ball had clearly went out of play.

Arsene Wenger calls for VAR check

Later, Arsene Wenger, the former Arsenal head coach currently serving as FIFA‘s Chief of Global Football Development, also made a comment on the entire situation and said, “In a situation like that, they have to intervene and they did not go far enough back to check if the ball was out or not or they [were unable] to check if the ball was out or not. I think we go for the second solution because normally VAR cannot check on the sideline, only on the goal line.”

Explained why VAR did not intervene in Bernardo Silva’s case?

Clarifying the doubts, CBS rule expert, Christian Unkel explained on the UEFA Post Match show:

“There’s two points to remember with VAR in the protocol and process on this,” Unkel said. “Can VAR check for a ball going outside before a goal? The answer is yes. But the most important point here is at what part can VAR become involved?”

“There is no set amount of time before a goal we go back to check. Instead, it’s really predicated by the possession and who has possession of the ball. We can debate, we can have the question to whether the ball left [the field]. The real answer is, this actually would not have been captured in the window and the time frame for when VAR could have gone back to take a look from when De Bruyne scored that goal. Specifically, because there was a turnover in possession.

“Even if this was out, it would not have been reviewed by the VAR leading to the goal.”

The decision cannot be reversed now. And it also doesn’t take away anything from Kevin de Bruyne who struck the sweetest of shots from outside the box.

As things stand, both Manchester City and Real Madrid hang in balance with the second and decisive leg of the tie to be played in Manchester next week.

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