Explained: Why will Aubameyang receive a La Liga winner’s medal with Barcelona?

Gabon international Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was having one of the worst seasons of his career. Having made a switch from Barcelona to Chelsea, the player has failed to turn up the season. However, it might end on a high as the player is set to get a La Liga medal for Barcelona winning the league.

Yes, the player who only represented the Catalan team in one game will be given the prestigious league winner’s medal as well. But how does that happen? Well, let’s get into the details of the same in this article and uncover the truth behind why Aubameyang will receive a La Liga winner’s medal with Barcelona.

Aubameyang will receive La Liga Winner’s medal

The Gabonese international has been in the news once again, and for the first time for the right reasons, as he wins his first league medal. Given the rich history of the clubs he has represented, one would be surprised to know that Auba has no league titles to his name so far.

Earlier the player represented big clubs like Dortmund in Germany and later Arsenal in London. Yet, none of them could manage to win a league during the spell.

However, the league title drought has finally come to an end as Aubameyang will be bestowed with a league winner’s medal for Barcelona. But how is he given this medal, and what are the criteria for the same?

If you follow Premier League, then you might be aware of the rule that a player has to play at least 5 games for a league-winning club in order to be eligible for a league winner’s medal.

Putting the same criteria on Aubameyang, the Gabonese wouldn’t be eligible for the medal as he has only played for 8 minutes in the Spanish League. Meaning that he was never really eligible for the medal.

Luckily for him, every league has different criteria, and that of La Liga doesn’t match with Premier League. As a result, Aubameyang will be receiving a La Liga Winner’s medal with Barcelona.

Not only him, but other players like Gerard Pique, Memphis Depay, and even Hector Bellerin will be receiving a medal for their participation with Barcelona.

This comes after FC Barcelona defeated their local rivals 4-0 on Sunday to clinch their first title in nearly 4 years.

Aubameyang has been looking for a return to Catalan, and this could be a sign of the universe wanting the move to go through.

Aubameyang’s woes in recent years

The former Arsenal Skipper joined Barcelona in the winter of 2022 after he was axed from the squad by Mikkel Arteta. The player had fallen out of favor with the Spanish manager and hence decided to leave the club.

At that time, Barcelona came out to sign him mid-season, and it was one decision that they would never regret. Aubameyang had the best time out with the club in the 5 months he represented the club.

The Gabonese scored goals galore by clinching a hat trick and several other crucial goals. His personal best performance came against Real Madrid, as Barca thumped their eternal rivals 4-0.

Overall, he played 23 games with the team and managed to score 15 goals in them. It was heartbreaking for Catalans to watch him leave so early as Chelsea made a bid for him.

He was a crucial part of Barcelona’s rebuild, as his heroics on the field helped Barcelona end the season in the second number at the Points Table. Otherwise, it was turning out to be a dismal season for the Blaugranas.

A return on the cards for Auba

The notorious player was in the news earlier this season as Barcelona beat Real Madrid in the final of Super Copa. He was clicked by paparazzi as he enjoyed the win with his former team.

These images sparked a lot of hate for him in the Chelsea camp. The player was even suspended by the management. Meanwhile, there were rumors in the Spanish outlets calling for a return to Barcelona.

The player has certainly never held back his desire to be back at Barcelona. He has enjoyed his time out with the Catalan giants. The fans love him; what more does a footballer wants?

Hence, the player will surely pick up Barcelona as his option for next season, despite clubs like Inter lining up offers for him.

Whether the transfer will go through or not remains to be seen. Barcelona has financial issues still to be resolved, and there will be some tough calls to be made.

They might even see some of their untouchable players leave the game. For starters, there are already claims of Raphinha, the Brazilian winger, garnering a lot of attention and a hefty price tag.

It still remains to be seen whether Barcelona will be able to make financial amendments. Aubameyang’s return for now also hangs on the strings, as Barcelona are hell-bent on bringing back their talisman Lionel Messi.

With that being said, only time will tell whether Barcelona is able to make any proficient transfers next season and if Aubameyang comes back or not.

For now the player can be happy with the fact that he was awarded the La Liga winning medal for the club he loves and respects a lot.

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