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Fabinho transfer news: Liverpool star’s transfer to Saudi might be collapsed, cites a “furry” problem

Transfer news this season has been whirlwind, with players are departing their clubs unexpectedly to pursue a new destination. This time, a rather funny incident will bar one star to play for his new club, as former Liverpool star Fabinho might not be allowed to join Saudi club Al-Ittihad as his breed of dogs might pose a problem for his transfer.

Latest star to feature in Saudi

Saudi Arab has been on the hot seat of transfers this season, as a frantic number of heavyweights have left their clubs to play their luck in the Middle-eastern country. Stars like Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kante, Hakim Ziyech have settled in their new destinations, as Saudi will be housing some of the biggest names in football from next season.

Fromer Liverpool star, Fabinho, has been added to the list of plying his trade in Saudi as he will join Benzema and Kante in Al-Ittihad. He will reportedly look for his move of 40 million pounds to the Saudi champions, but there has been a recent issue which is delaying his transfer. It is due to the breed of his pet dogs, which is posing a major fiasco ahead of his move to the new club.

A midfield revamp

Liverpool is looking for revamping their midfield squad as they are looking for a major sweep in the middle, paving way for new entrants. With Argentine World Cup winner Alexis MacAllister already on the deck, boss Jurgen Klopp is on the hunt for new midfielders, replacing his seasoned engines like Jordan Henderson, Naby Keita and Fabinho.

But, there is still some perplexity regarding Fabinho’s transfer to Saudi, as his dogs, the breed “French Bulldogs”, have been marked as “dangerous and aggressive” in the middle-eastern country. As a result, his move to Saudi has been jeopardized in the present situation, as he requires more clarity on this scenario.

Whether Fabinho gets the nod from Saudi government to bring his pet family to their country, or he stays in Liverpool for one more season, will be the talk of the town over the next few days as people will be glued to this news.

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