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Gianni Infantino: FIFA president jokes about Qatar speech, says he will only say positive words

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has landed in Auckland ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup which is scheduled to be staged in the Oceanian countries and has stirred up a news about his speech in Qatar World Cup, which raised the eyebrows of several critics during the tournament. He assured that he is going to speak about positive things ahead of the tournament when he was asked about gender pay disparity.

Infantino speaks about “positive things” ahead of tournament

FIFA Women’s World Cup will be held in Australia and New Zealand this time and it will be staged from 20 July, and is going to run for one month, ending on 20th August. Hosts New Zealand will be beginning their schedule tomorrow against Scandinavian giants Norway and defending champions United States of America will begin their title defense against Vietnam on Saturday. FIFA president Infantino has reached the hosts and will be available for inauguration of the coveted tournament.

At a news conference in Auckland, he was heard joking about his surprising monologue in November’s edition of the Men’s World Cup, which was staged in Qatar. In November, he spoke, “Today I feel Qatari, I feel Arab, I feel African, I feel gay, I feel disabled, I feel a migrant worker.” When asked about how he felt after landing in Auckland, he said, “It’s a great moment to be here. For those of you who are waiting to hear how I feel today… today I feel tired because I have just landed. But I feel very happy.”

Australian squad criticizes gender disparity

Australia’s football squad has reported to be criticize the gender disparity in pay as it would be the first time FIFA will pay directly to the players at the tournament. The amount is set to elevate as one progresses through the next stages, with 24,000 euros per player in the group stages, which increases to over 200,000 euros for each champion. Infantino was heard saying, “Today is the eve of the opening game of the Women’s World Cup and for me it’s a moment to focus on the positives. Until the 20 August [date of the final] you will only hear positive things from me about everything and everyone and if somebody is still not happy about something then I am so sorry. As of 21 August we focus on some other issues around the world. We will deal with all the problems coming up. But seriously we have made important steps and made a path.”

“We are in touch with associations”

While speaking about pay disparity and issues, Infantino added, “Whatever payments we do, we do through the associations. And then the associations make the relevant payments to their players. But we are in touch with the associations. Many people who still believe that women’s football is not a great game or not so entertaining or it’s a bad copy of men’s football, when they watch a [women’s] game for the first time they will see it’s a fantastic game and it’s very entertaining. “

Whether USA continue to dominate their authority in world football or we get to see a new champion, it will be decided one month from now as football fanatics all over the world would be glued to their screens for this spectacle in this duration.

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