How to play Wrexham AFC in FIFA 23? Know Player Ratings and other details

AFC Wrexham is one of those teams garnering all the attention in the world for making some of the loudest noise in English football this year.

Yes, it is a famous club owned by Hollywood celebrity Ryan Reynolds. And the club has had a Hollywood turnaround of form ever since the actor bought it in 2021.

They have finally made their way into League 2 of English football. This means that they are ultimately a recognized club in the world of club competition.

Wrexham Have made it to League 2 of football for the first time since their relegation in 2008. So, a wait of 15 years has finally come to an end, but the dream lives on for the Welsh club.

But the main question is, how can you live the Hollywood dream? Can you play with Wrexham on FIFA? We will answer that question in this article, so read along as we get into the details of how you can play with Wrexham AFC in FIFA 2023.

Can we play with Wrexham AFC in FIFA 2023?

Despite being the third oldest club in football history, Wrexham AFC has lost its vigour in the game. Such has been the plight of the club that they are absent in any of the league systems available for playing in FIFA 23.

So, the question arises, how can you play with Wrexham AFC in FIFA 23?

Well, worry not; the team might not be present in the league system. But the team in itself is present in the game, under the rest of the world section. And one can use that to play the team in any league in the world.

Yes, you read that right; you can indeed swap any team and play with Wrexham AFC in FIFA 2023.

How to play with Wrexham AFC in FIFA 23?

To play with Wrexham AFC, you can go to any league of your liking and use the swapping option on your controller to choose a team to swap with your favourite Welsh Team.

So, select any league; we suggest you start with League 2, the fourth and lowest English football league. From there, you can indeed fight the team present in all three competitions to reach the glory of the Premier League.

This way, you will indeed be able to live the Hollywood dream of Wrexham AFC in FIFA 23.

What to expect from Wrexham AFC in FIFA 23?

Although the team is present in the game, it doesn’t mean that the players are as distinguished and curated as in the more prominent teams across the different bigger leagues.

The players on the AFC Wrexham team in FIFA 23 have a generic likeness. This means that apart from midfielder Thomas O’Conner, all the players are very NPC-looking and don’t have any resemblance with real-life players.

Another bummer for the AFC Wrexham fans is the fact that the club’s stadium is not available during the game. The home ground of Wrexham AFC, Racecourse Ground, is not available in FIFA 23, and hence Crown Lane is the new ground assigned to the club.

The only plus point of playing Wrexham is that they have proper team jerseys assigned to the team. Both the jerseys, home and away, are available in the game.

Wrexham AFC player ratings

The ratings of Wrexham AFC are meagre. And you will have invested some time and money to build the team correctly and reach the heights of English football.

A Cheat code: create a player of your own in the game and draft it into the Wrexham with high potential and an overall of at least 75. This way, the customized player will grow faster with time, and you can either use him to win trophies or increase your transfer budget.

Or sell the player itself to make some quick cash after a season and make tons of money. However, this trick will only work if you perform with the customized player.

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