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Jose Mourinho: Legendary manager quits UEFA Football Board

Jose Mourinho has reportedly quit the UEFA Football Board after a four-match ban was sanctioned against him following a jibe at the Europa League final referee Anthony Taylor in the aftermath of the game of his side Roma against Sevilla, where Roma was outclassed by Sevilla, thus winning the prestigious Europa League title for a record seventh time.

Jose Mourinho leaves the Football Board

Jose Mourinho- “The Special one” as he is called fondly by his friends and teammates has taken an important step in his career as he steps down from the UEFA Football Board after a four match ban was passed against him following an ugly altercation in the Europa League final against match referee Anthony Taylor. Mourinho has been one of the elite coaches ever to manage the game of football. A solicited and remarkable genius off the field, he has often won several accolades with every team he had managed, be it Porto from the Portuguese League or Inter Milan from Serie A. But, what makes him the “Special One” is his ability to play along with the entire stadium, when every stand shouts his name in a packed stadium, urging and boosting him in the duration of the game.

A legendary stalwart in the coaching circuit

One of the modern day greats, he will be remembered for his contribution towards developing certain clubs and most likewise players as he used to devote himself towards improving that particular person. He has achieved the record of being the most successful manager after winning every European final he has reached. Few days back, this intact record was shattered by La Liga side Sevilla, who defeated Mourinho’s side Roma in the Europa League final. Last season, he won the Europa Conference League with Roma, and had a shot of winning the Europa League this season.

UEFA Football Board is a committee which comprised the elite coaches and former legendary players, and Mourinho was a pivotal member of that board. But, as Mourinho-esque it can gets, he decided to quit the Board as he brought the letter to light that he sent to the Board Director Zvonimir Boban. It read,

“Dear Mr. Boban,

In thanking you for the invitation you extended to me to be a member of the UEFA Football Board, I regret to inform you that, effective immediately, I will be renouncing to my participation in this group. The conditions which I so strongly believed in when I joined are no longer standing and I felt the obligation to take this decision. I kindly ask that you also communicate my decision to the President Mr. Aleksander Čeferin.

Kind regards, Jose Mourinho”

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