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Jude Bellingham ruled out from England Euro 2024 Squad due to injury

As per latest reports, Dortmund star Jude Bellingham has been ruled out, as of now, from England’s upcoming round of 2024 Euro Cup qualifiers.

Bellingham earlier met up with his national side led by Gareth Southgate before their upcoming match against Macedonia and Malta.

Bellingham ruled out from Euro 2024 Qualifiers

However, as per the news from insiders, Bellingham will most likely not be a part of the squad owing to his problems in the knee which has impacted the player in being benched even during the Bundesliga finale last month.

According to sources, apart from Bellingham, defender Lewis Dunk who plays from Brighton is also apparently going to be absent from Southgate’s squad. He will be sidelined due to an injury.

The statement also said that Bellingham would be spending time at the national football centre so that he can continue his rehabilitation from the fateful injury which has previously sidelined him from the Bundesliga finale.

Jude Bellingham, on the club light will joining the Spanish giants currently in need of aid, Real Madrid. Dortmund reportedly have accepted a record deal of an initial €103m.

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