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Julian Nagelsmann Future: Tottenham Think of German to be “Perfect Fit” for them

The name and vastness of Julian Nagelsmann came to the fore when he took over Bayern Munich, becoming the youngest manager in Bundesliga.

He had guided them to many accolades, enjoying a 73 percent winning percentage, as he has transformed many players in to a beast on his reign in the German club.

Nagelsmann encouraged to come to England

But, in spite of enjoying a sporting success in Germany, he was relieved from his duties. Now, he is looked up to as one of the top priorities to join Tottenham Hotspurs, after the English team has found themselves in dismay after a horrendous season which is about to end.

Since Conte’s removal and Mason’s appointment, Stellini was also sacked as he could barely manage to get a win in any match.

According to Fabrizio Romano, he is on hot seat to become the London club’s next boss. He has been on the target since a month.

Perfect candidate for a long-term project

Spurs are under the consideration that Nagelsmann could fit in to their long term project that they have been planning. Romano was heard saying, “Julian Nagelsmann is one of the top, top names on the list at Tottenham, they really want him and they are convinced that Julian Nagelsmann is the perfect man to build something long term to do something similar to what Erik Ten Hag is doing at Manchester United to build an idea and bring in players for him and to completely change the structure and the idea of the club with Nagelsmann as the manager, this is why he is the favorite candidate.”

Premier League bound confirmed?

According to Romano, if Tottenham feels that Nagelsmann could be a perfect solution for their coaching crisis, they need to spread the red carpet for him, as Daniel Levy will be desperate to bring him at the helm as soon as possible.

In the next season, we might be able to see another German face on the sidelines after Thomas Tuchel had garnered the German praise from one of the toughest leagues in the world, while being at helm for Chelsea, leading to a Champions League triumph for the “Blues”.

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