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Kevin De Bruyne might miss start of next season owing to hamstring injury

Kevin De Bruyne, the Belgian international and Manchester City stalwart, might face the worst possible situation next season when he could miss the initial phase of the league as he is speculated to have suffered from grade three hamstring damage in City’s historic outing against Inter Milan in the Champions League final. Manchester City have been crowned the champions of Europe after they edged narrowly against a spirited Inter Milan, courtesy to Rodri’s goal.

Kevin De Bruyne could miss starting of next season

De Bruyne has been one of the undisputed greats of Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City for the last few seasons. His dribbling finesse, his impeccable passing and the ability to score bangers might be one of the important reasons he is in this side. A star member of the Belgian national team, he has been in the Etihad for quite a long period of time and has earned his name over the years.

He has won the Premier League quite a number of times and has elevated himself in the legendary status, only to be compared to legends like Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard. Last night, he achieved his ultimate dream after winning the Champions League, after narrowly missing out on the last occasion in 2021, when his side faced a sorry defeat in the hands of Premier League rivals Chelsea, owing to a banger from Kai Havertz. Coincidentally, last time too, he was substituted after he suffered from a bad injury which saw him leave the field with few minutes left in the game.

A vital miss for the team?

Apparently, after he was taken off the field yesterday, it seemed that the extent of the injury might have been greater than what was initially thought. He was grimacing in pain and is scheduled to have a scan this week as a result of which he will not be considered in Euro 2024 qualifiers against Austria and Estonia.

He has been on top in the last few months leading City to an impressive treble victory, a rare feat to be achieved only by the greatest Sir Alex Ferguson with Manchester United before Pep did it last night. He had shown the glimpse of his season after he scored a world class goal against Real Madrid in the semifinals of Champions League.

He could be sidelined for a period of three months, according to reports. The Belgian was recently given the responsibility to lead his country by new coach Dominico Tedesco.

He was heard saying, ““I’ve been told for two months there’s a possibility I was at risk but you take it. I’ve been struggling since the Bayern Munich game away. So I missed I would say a fair amount of games but it was all small ruptures but today I snapped it all the way so I wasn’t able to go on. Obviously I missed some games but the games like Arsenal, Bayern and Madrid I managed to do it.” This justifies his dedication for the club, which makes him stand out among others.

Speaking of his happiness and ecstasy after he won the Champions League, he added, “I’ve basically been fighting all my career with my team to win this medal. I still don’t think it defines my career. I think it helps but I don’t judge myself or my career solely on this game. I know who I am as a football player and person and I am happy and proud of the person I am and I am satisfied with who I am.”

Now, it will depend on his fitness and dedication which will decide his timeline to return on the field, and light up the Etihad once again with his magic.

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