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La Liga Delays Implementation of Semi-automatic Offside System Till 2024-25 Season

The infamous semi-automatic offside system has been controversial for more than one reason amongst fans worldwide, especially after the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup.

Semi-automatic offside system delayed in La Liga

In an inevitable decision, a green light had previously been shown to the implementation of this infamous semi-automatic offside system from the coming season in the Spanish La Liga.

However, according to the latest reports, La Liga has now passed a forced judgement in delaying its implementation, giving a justification that it is due to technical complications.

After its successful and controversial implementation in during the 2022 World Cup, it was followed by another implementation in the Spanish Super Cup. After these two, the authorities were quite keen to implement the same in the La Liga.

As per reports, both RFEF and La Liga were hoping that the system would be completely ready for immediate implementation at the beginning of the new season of Spanish football from 11th of August.

Mediapro had previously filed a complaint after the RFEF had tried to attract interest back in April from companies globally who would be interested in providing the particular service for Spanish football. However, this complaint by Mediapro has still not been resolved.

La Liga to implement semi-automatic offside system from next season

As a consequence of delay in quick solving of the complaint, the system of semi-automatic offside would now be delayed in implementation as well. Now as per the new reports, the system would be installed from the very beginning of the 2024-25 season of La Liga.

 Also, instead of changing and switching companies, according to the insider reports, La Liga would continue their collaboration with Hawk-Eye for the upcoming campaign, the same company that is currently providing the league with their VAR system.

Despite the criticism, there are also many people, including the La Lifa of course, who believe that the implementation and use of the semi-automatic offside system would be improving the state of Video Assistant Referee, aka, VAR in football, in general.

However, it seems that Spanish football will have to wait out a little longer to enjoy the benefits of this technology.

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