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Ligue 1 falls to 7th in UEFA’s latest European League Rankings, Premier League Tops List

To determine the rankings and seed clubs in both and club-level and international tournaments in European football, the UEFA European League rankings data are used.

Latest UEFA European League rankings, Premier League tops

While English Premier League has topped the latest European League rankings by UEFA, followed by the Italian Serie A in the 2nd position, on the contrary French Ligue 1 has dropped to the 7th position.

Sl.noLatest UEFA European League Rankings
1.England (Premier League)
2.Italy (Serie A)
3.Germany (Bundesliga)
4.Spain (La Liga)
5.Belgium (Belgian Pro League)
6.Netherlands (Eredivisie)
7.France (Ligue 1)
8.Portugal (Liga Portugal)
9.Turkey (Süper Lig)
10.Switzerland (Swiss Super League)

These data depend on arithmetic averages which are adjusted up to a degree. It is UEFA that computes all the coefficients overseeing all of football being played throughout the European continent, with an addition of countries like Armenia, Israel and some Asian continental region countries.

These coefficients were used for the first time back in 1979, first used for the men’s competitions in football and then only later for both women’s football and futsal.

How are the UEFA European League rankings determined?

Referring to the below provided European League rankings, the accomplishments of each of the association in the European tournaments ever since 2019-20 till 2023-24 have been considered. It is to be noted that it is still in effect for the season of 2023-24.

The structure of classification of this is only allowed to be determined by the UEFA authorities, which takes place only in every two years, specifically in November.

This would take place when all the countries part of the UEFA has already finished their qualification phase for the upcoming World Cup or European Championship tournament. It would also be based on the specific performances of the national football team of the respective European countries.

The minimum number of spots for every organization for the UEFA club tournaments of 2025-26 season would be determined according to the final rankings during the end of the ongoing 2023-24 season.

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