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Lionel Messi: the stalwart apologizes for his unauthorized trip to Saudi

Lionel Messi and his club, the French champions PSG seem to be on tenterhooks lately, following an unauthorized trip of Messi to Saudi, which was not taken well by the club board, as they have suspended the legend due to this reason. As a result, rumors have already surfaced of him leaving the club, which was quite evident due to their deteriorating relation in the last days.

Messi apologized to fans and supporters

In an unexpected turn of events, World Cup winner with Argentina and a FC Barcelona stalwart Lionel Messi was suspended by PSG board, citing “disciplinary reasons” as the club had not authorized his trip to Saudi Arabia.

He is the brand ambassador of Saudi tourism and for that reason, he was summoned there, following which, his decision of taking this holiday did not go well with the board and fans equally, as the latter have expressed their wrath over the star.

As a result, speculations have surfaced about him leaving the club and joining his “home” Barca in the next season. Although his future is on hold, Messi just garnered praise from all over the world with an apology video.

“I want to apologize”

Messi took the social media to announce his apologies to his teammates and fans as he believes he might have taken the wrong decision, thinking it to be a holiday after a game. In a 37 second clip of Instagram story, Messi said, “I want to apologize, of course, to my teammates, to the club. I honestly thought we had a day off after the game as we have done throughout the weeks before….sorry for what I did and I’m waiting for whatever the club decides.”

Now, the entire world is watching at the Messi-PSG saga as it all depends on the legend to decide his destination for the next season, with FC Barcelona and Al-Hilal closely monitoring his situation.

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