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Lionel Messi: Argentine World Cup winner slams former club PSG, speaks about non-recognition, Mbappe and 2026 World Cup

Lionel Messi has spoke about his tenure with French giants PSG, as he had blurted out in an honest interview with Olga TV. He further spoke about his relationship with French superstar Kylian Mbappe, and hinted about his future at the national team with perspective of the next World Cup, to be staged in the Americas in 2026.

Messi gets candid with interviewer

Lionel Messi, former Barcelona star and a face of Argentina National team, which has won the coveted World Cup, last December, has recently got candid with interviewer Olga TV, as he spoke about several stories- about his career at PSG, about his camaraderie with 2018 French World Cup winner Kylian Mbappe, as the stars have played together for the French champions. He even decided to give a hint about his future stance with the national squad, as his fans would have believed that the end of his stellar career is approaching, but he has mentioned about his intentions to stay in the team, and look for the future.

After he joined Inter Miami, after burying ties with PSG, owing to several issued involving his banishment from the club’s activities due to an “apparently unauthorized” trip to Saudi Arabia, he has been vocal about his ‘ill’ relationship with the French heavyweights. Previously, he was heard saying about his decision to join PSG, as he said that joining that club was never his best decision. In the latest interview, he said about the aftermath of winning the Cup against the nation he was playing at. It was going to be awkward, but his club was harsh in treating him, as he said that he was not given proper recognition after winning the World Cup, compared to his other teammates. It is increasingly becoming apparent that he was not happy with the club, as “all was not well on the French front”.

“Club did not recognize”

Messi has been firing shots in his talk about Paris, and it is becoming evident that he was not happy at that club, as the decision of Paris to not recognize him properly after winning the World Cup might be a driving force for him to explore other viable options. He said, “It is understandable as I was in the country against which we had won in the final and prevented them from winning the World Cup again. I was the only player on the entire Argentina team that this club did not recognize, but that’s okay.”

Messi’s other teammates, which included a spectacular list of players who are playing in the Premier League, including Alexis Mac Allister, who was welcomed warmly with love and support from his former club Brighton’s fans, and star goalkeeper Emi Martinez was given a standing ovation at Villa Park, when he came on the field for Aston Villa.

Although Messi’s time at France was not great as compared to Barcelona, where he has left a legacy, he has put up large numbers while sporting the French club, thus making him one of the stars for the Parisians.

Good bonhomie with Mbappe

Messi has spoken about his good relationship with his World Cup final rival Mbappe, as both used to spun their magic web in every games they have featured. Speaking about his relation with Mbappe, he said, “The truth is that I had a nice relationship with him. With everyone.” When asked about his decision to go to France or whether he liked that phase of his life, he said, “No, it happened that way. It wasn’t what I expected, but I always say that things happen for a reason. Even though I wasn’t well, I won the World Cup while there.”

Speaking about his future plans and his intentions to stay in fray for the next World Cup, he was heard saying, “I don’t know if I’ll arrive, I already said it. I’m not thinking about it yet because it’s far away. After the Copa América we will see, it depends on how I feel. Years have passed, and we have to see how I feel. Maybe in the league, the pace of the games is different. I will see the day by day as I find myself. There are still 3 years to go.”

With the dazzling form he has brought with him in United States, it looks like the “little boy from Rosario” will continue to offer more on the pitch, as time is still left for the legend to hang up his boots.

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