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‘Lionel Messi is Just Another Player’, Messi Threatened Ahead of MLS Debut

Former Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain legend, Lionel Messi is all set to make his debut for his brand-new US-based club Inter Miami on the coming 21st of July when the Major League Soccer club would be hosting Mexican Cruz Azul in the League Cup opener.

Mexican Erik Lira warns Lionel Messi ahead of MLS Debut

Messi’s much-anticipated move to the MSL will be shifting the centre of attention to America, and since it is ahead of the 2026 World Cup which is to be held jointly in North America itself, the move is being hailed and hyped as “the seminal moment’ in the history of ‘soccer’ in the States.

This move by Messi might push MSL into the grand arena of the best football league in the world.

However, Erik Lira, Cruz Azul’s midfielder and his clubmates are not too joyed or excited for the opportunity to play against the World Cup winning Argentinian legend and have stated that they will be treating it like just another match in the routine.

Erik Lira says Messi is just another player

The Mexican have also made a sour statement saying that as long as Messi – who is hailed by many as the greatest footballer to ever play the sport – had two legs and two eyes, he was just another player and nothing special.

“As long as he has two legs and two eyes, he’s just another player,” was the exact statement made by him as per the reports.

Lira has also added that their manager Tuca Ferretti has told them that Messi was just another player, and even though he might be a bit more imposing, they were going to win, since this was just another match for them.

On the other hand, Lionel Messi’s first game on American soil for Inter Miami is said to be the most expensive MLS game ever on record, which was expected from a player of Messi’s stature. Previously on 9th of June, the Argentinian legend had made the official decision of his move to Miami

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