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Liverpool: Why supporters booed while National Anthem was played on King Charles’s coronation?

King Charles had an auspicious occasion of coronation which was attended by thousands of people all over the United Kingdom and was viewed in the entire world.

In an uncanny relation to football, Liverpool fans appeared to boo the national anthem while it was being played ahead of their match against Brentford on Saturday.

Liverpool supporters boo national anthem

It was reportedly visible on TV when the Reds’ fans booed the national anthem “God Save the King”, on the auspicious occasion of King Charles III’s coronation.

Liverpool and Brentford players lined up on the opposite sides of the center, when the anthem was greeted by loud boos and jeers from the crowd. After the match, when Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was asked about this “hostile” attitude towards national anthem, he was heard saying, “It was clear that something like (the booing) would happen. That’s allowed, nothing else happened.”

He further added, “It wasn’t any kind of chants or anything. People just showed ..they were not always happy in the past with how the people of Liverpool, the city or the club, were dealt with.” 

History repeated?

Liverpool fans have a history of booing their national anthem, and this antic came soon after it was announced by Premier League officials of playing the National Anthem to celebrate the special occasion of the coronation.

In a statement that read, “Before kick-off and in recognition of the Premier League’s request to mark the coronation, players and officials will congregate around the center circle when the national anthem will be played. It is, of course, a personal choice how those at Anfield on Saturday mark this occasion and we know some supporters have strong views on it.”

Apparently, a reason for Liverpool jeering the anthem is the wrath they had faced during the deindustrialization of the UK economy in the 1970s when Margaret Thatcher decided upon a “managed decline” of the city, which saw Liverpool as an outsider to the country. Booing the National Anthem has been a practice since then, and the tradition is continued to date.

Klopp’s comments about the environment

The manager Jurgen Klopp said before the match, “This is definitely a subject I cannot have a proper opinion about it. I am from Germany, we don’t have a king, or a queen, or these kind of things.”

“I am pretty sure a lot of people in this country will enjoy the coronation, some will maybe not really be interested, and some will not like it. That’s it. That’s all over the country.”

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