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Liverpool vs Tottenham: PGMOL confirms “significant human error” which disallowed Luis Diaz goal

Liverpool once again became the victim of a dismal refereeing decision when they were facing Tottenham last night, as the Spurs went on to achieve a last minute victory, courtesy a horrendous own goal by Joel Matip. But, the decision which has received loads of criticism was Luis Diaz’s disallowed goal, as it was later admitted to be a ‘significant human error’ by PGMOL.

Liverpool becomes victim to dismal refereeing decisions

Liverpool and Tottenham played a thrilling match last night, where Spurs’ new boss Ange Postecoglou showed his class and master tactics in defeating Jurgen Klopp’s Reds, as the former side edged Liverpool by 2-1, thanks to an own goal from Joel Matip, which helped Spurs seal the winner and continue their unbeaten streak. Before the end of the game, Liverpool was reduced to nine men following an early bath for Curtis Jones for a rash challenge on Bissouma, which was initially ruled out with a yellow card, but play was halted due to VAR decision which overturned the decision to red. In the second half, it was Diogo Jota, who was suspended for being shown the yellow card twice. First, it was a rapid one when he mistakenly touched Destiny Udogie, but was once again shown the card which led to his suspension, thus the Reds going two men down.

To add to their woes, Liverpool was victim of a horrific Luis Diaz goal conundrum which led to VAR’s intervention, disallowing the strike, and keeping the score line intact at 1-1. But, Liverpool’s loss at the game was tainted by Referees’ committee PGMOL’s decision to admit that it was a significant error, which led to the disallowance of Diaz’s goal. The Colombian’s goal was unusually given the verdict of no-goal by VAR responsible referee Darren England, in which the offside goal was not shown.

An official statement by PGMOL

Refereeing Committee PGMOL have issued an official statement which stated the reason for the disallowance of goal. It is understood that although correct decision was followed by VAR officials in ruling the goal offside, but there was a significant human fracas, which led the goal being disallowed. It read, “PGMOL acknowledge a significant human error occurred. PGMOL will conduct a full review.” It further mentioned, “The goal by Luiz Diaz was disallowed for offside by the on-field team of match officials. This was a clear and obvious factual error and should have resulted in the goal being awarded through VAR intervention, however, the VAR failed to intervene.”

According to reports, the referees’ chief Howard Webb has spoken to Liverpool officials and have communicated their apologies to the team board. As a result of “unfair decisions” after the game, Klopp seemed infuriated with the match officials as he said, “That is not offside when you see it. The ball is between Mo [Salah]’s legs, they drew the line wrong and didn’t judge the moment when Mo passed the ball right.”

Klopp further mentioned that official statement “doesn’t help” as it would not bring them points after the game. He said, “I don’t think we should talk too much about that because it doesn’t help at all. Wolves got a similar statement, or apology. They didn’t get a point out of United and we won’t get a point today so it doesn’t help. I am pretty sure no-one is making mistakes on purpose but it still happened and at this moment I don’t know why. [We] scored a fantastic goal – would it have changed the game? I don’t know. But probably, because goals help.”

He continued, “If you want to change you have to do without our voice, if we say something we get fined. They didn’t do it on purpose but if we want to talk about it, do it properly.”

Liverpool skipper Virgil Van Dijk has voiced his concerns over inadept refereeing decisions as he mentioned about “losing faith” on match officials. He said, “I’m losing faith, [which] is difficult to say. The VAR should be absolutely clear and obvious with everything they’re deciding on. I’ve seen the still back – on live TV there were no lines being shown. It’s all a bit strange, I don’t know who was in the VAR room and making that decision. It’s not a good thing, it doesn’t look well either. It is what it is, we lost.”

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