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Busquets: Legend recognizes legend as Modric pens a heartwarming post

Barcelona legend and current captain Sergio Busquets announced that he will be leaving the Catalan club after wearing the badge proudly for 18 years. A legendary career glorified with 31 trophies and 719 appearances, he is one of the best midfielders of his generation and a pivotal cog of the formidable and dangerous Barca midfield troika of Xavi-Iniesta-Busquets.

Modric pens an emotional note for Busquets

Football is a beautiful game, as they say. Yesterday it was proved once again as Busquets’s rival midfielder and one of his competitors Luka Modric penned an emotional and heartwarming note for the departing Catalan captain.

Moving aside all rivalries on the field, both of these midfielders have considered themselves the best over the years, holding them on high esteem.

Game recognizes game

After a breakthrough season in 2005, under Pep Guardiola, Busquets is recognized one of the greats of the Catalan club, breaking records every season and gaining respect every time. Luka Modric, on the other hand, had been one of the valuable assets of Real Madrid over the years, as he was also involved in Real Madrid’s dependable midfield trio boasting of Kroos and Casemiro.

“One of the best..”, says Modric

After “Busi”, as fondly called by his fans, announced his departure of the club, tributes and emotional messages poured in from across the world. All of Sergio’s former teammates which included Iniesta, Messi, Pedro among others, penned beautiful messages on social media.

But, when a tribute comes from your rival player, you could feel that you have achieved something vast which even made the rivals bow down to you. Modric and Busquets have competed against each other on numerous occasions. In spite of a on-field rivalry, the Spanish and the Croatian have always had mutual respect between each other.

Another jewel to be added

With 31 trophies, Busquets already has a starry career with the Blaugranas. Soon, another is to be added when he rounds off his stellar career in Spain with a 32nd trophy, a La Liga glory when Xavi’s men will win it, probably in the next match.

Although not clear about his future, but according to speculations he might be heading to Saudi Arabia for a new challenge with Al-Hilal.

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