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Lutton Town beat Coventry to reach Premier League for first time in history

Football is all about underdog stories, and we have another one at our hands as Luton Town earns a promotion to the top tier of English football for the first time in 31 years.

The Hatters were relegated in 1992. The year before the formation of the Premier League. And hence have never played in the tournament.

Hence, when they got their first chance to qualify for Premier League, they couldn’t let it slip. The chance was presented to them in the form of a playoff final against Coventry.

Lutton Town beats Coventry 6-5 on penalties

Luton started the game in a flurry by scoring the first goal in the first half itself. Jordan Clark was the scorer of the goal that took the Hatters one step closer to their destiny.

Coventry’s Gustavo Hamer was not going to let that happen this easily. His second-half strike set the game in the balance, and normal time couldn’t separate the two teams.

Henceforth, Penalties were called in order, and Luton won them 6-5 in sudden death to secure a place in the premier league next season.

Tom Lockyer health scare

Lutton suffered a blow early on in the game as their star player Tom Lockyer suffered a medical emergency on the field. The player was seen fainting on the pitch, which was followed by a moment of frenzy.

The medical staff was quick to come onto the pitch to take him away. Later the club posted a message that the player was in good health condition. What delighted everyone was the fact that Lutton secured a win for their main man.

Later Tom’s dad posted an image on social media showing him celebrating from Hospital.

Lutton Town create history

The journey for Luton, however, has not been an easy one. In the 2008/09 season, they became the first top-division team in the history of English Football to be dropped to non-league and back again.

They marked their return in the 2013/14 season. Three years later, they were back in League One, which they won in successive seasons. And finally, after a hard grind of 31 years, they have finally managed to reach the top tier of English football; Premier League.

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