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Mason Greenwood: Manchester United hints on the possible situation of the star to the squad as they drop new kit

Manchester United has possibly dropped the biggest hint on the return of 21-year old England star Mason Greenwood, after he was dropped out of the promotional pictures for United’s new kit for the next season. The Red Devils have flaunted their official kit in the photos, but Greenwood was not in the roster.

Mason Greenwood- “kitted out”?

Mason Greenwood is looked upon as one of the outcasts for Erik Ten Hag’s side since the last season. Some even label him as a star who has fallen from grace, thus getting barred from the team for a considerable amount of time. The homegrown star would have been expected to spearhead the marketing campaign but it were several other stars who had flaunted the new kit, including Lisandro Martinez and Casemiro. The home kit, which bears the traditional red color, was made available for adults from 110 pounds.

But, due to suspension, fans will be unable to purchase jerseys which bears Greenwood’s name on the back, which is unavailable from markets, which is looked as an insult for the youngster as all senior men’s and women’s side have their names on their back but not his.

Greenwood is expecting a child with his partner this year but was allegedly involved in a case of physical abuse last year, which banned him from playing for the club. All of the charges against him were dropped this February, as he was supposed to stand trial this year.

Contracted player till 2025

Greenwood is under contract for the Red Devils for two more years and was even pictured on the training ground last month for the first time since his arrest. But, his taking the field still remains a speculation as United are pending for a takeover from Qatar. It has been heard that boss Erik Ten Hag and other players are considering to give the star a second chance. According to a source which threw some light on this Greenwood saga, it said “Like him or not, Mason wants to get back to playing football. It’s the thing he’s best at and the only way for him to successfully rebuild his life. He is fed up with waiting around and he and his team now expect an answer one way or another from United.”

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