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Mbappe transfer analysis: Where should the French superstar head next- Arsenal, Juventus or Chelsea?

The entire transfer window has been spell bounded by the shocking transfer value of French superstar Kylian Mbappe, as he was approached by Saudi Pro League side Al-Ahli, where he was slated to become the highest paid athlete in the world, had he agreed it, with a record 259 million pounds on the table. In this article, we will be discussing possible next season ventures for Mbappe, as where he will be headed in the summer.

PSG says no to Mbappe’s plan

Kylian Mbappe, PSG and France superstar, who has achieved several laurels at a tender age of 24, which includes the coveted World Cup in 2018, is not going to stay in PSG, as the present scenario presents. Mbappe, who has confirmed in writing about his decision of not extending the contract, is reportedly facing some hostile environment in the club. He had planned on seeing out his contract this year, and purposedly go to the Spanish capital, Real Madrid, where he is rumored to have sealed the deal for the Spanish giants, but PSG’s sporting director Luis Campos worked cleverly, deciding that he would not be allowed to leave for free. As a consequence of this dilemma, Mbappe has been left out of the squad’s pre-season tour of Asia, where the French champions are scheduled to play in Japan and South Korea.

In the current situation, it stands that Mbappe, unless Real gest hold of him early, will have to spend this season in exile. With that comes several drawbacks as Mbappe’s fitness and agility will decline drastically, as a result, he might be exposed to reduced value from his sponsors. PSG will be stuck with a player who is not offering any sporting value, from all sides, things are not looking on the “French front”.

As a solution and fruitful result for all parties involved, a loan move for the star could suffice the perplexity. Mbappe’s would stay fit and agile, as this loan move could regenerate much attention, and PSG would be able to remove his wage bill, avoiding to witness the star just warming the bench for an entire season.

Which club should he be loaned at?

Speaking of a loan deal, Mbappe would generate a long queue of potential suitors, but PSG would walk against handing him to a direct rival, thus loaning him to Barcelona would not be considered a possible situation. Manchester United, who were interested to go for the player in a rather outright manner, would not vouch for a loan move, as boss Erik Ten Hag has clearly stated his intentions of not “speaking about a player who is under contract”.

Could AC Milan be a possible destination?

Mbappe has once spoken about his love for Italian giants AC Milan, in an interview. It could pose a possible option but with great names, comes great responsibilities. The UCL status of the “Rossoneris” and their inadept stance to pay Mbappe’s monthly wage of 6 million euros could create a significant hurdle for the star.

Or will it be Juventus?

Juventus, who are the best placed team to acquire Mbappe, might stand a chance to complete the loan sweep for him. But, their lack of Champions League football might be an uphill task for the Serie A legends to bag Mbappe.

Returning home?

Within France, the final possible loan option for Mbappe lies in joining his boyhood club Monaco, but a Europe-less season would make it difficult for the club to pay Mbappe’s humongous wage.

Final destination- England?

A possible English Premier League loan deal could be tempting for the star as he will look to spend most of his prime in Spain, with Chelsea and Newcastle looking feasible to pay his wage. Todd Boehly owned Chelsea will be appealing to Mbappe, where his project will be without Europe this season, as the Blues will assume that Mbappe will be prepared to go one season without European elite.

Mirroring Jurgen Klinsmann’s blitzkrieg single season in Tottenham where he amassed 20 goals in 41 games, he might look up to north London clubs like Spurs or Arsenal, where he might get the chance to play to his abilities, becoming more sharp before materializing a mouth-watering move to Real Madrid.

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