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La Liga: Barcelona in hope of bringing Messi back, boosting income by 25%

Messi has been the “Messiah” of Barcelona since decades. Messi and Barcelona seemed to have an unconditional bonding as a result of which he has won many accolades with the Catalan club and has been the face of Barcelona for years. Everyone thought that Messi was meant for this club, and he indeed served the Barca colors with respect. But there seemed to be an abrupt ending to the eternal love story as the “Messiah” leaved his beloved home and went for a new destination, to the city of “love”-Paris.

But, according to recent reports, the “Messiah” could return to his favorite club, as speculations suggest that he might be a favorable option for Barcelona by boosting the annual revenue.

No longer a secret

Although rumors were hovering in the market about Messi’s possible return to Barca, it was proved to be a viable objective for the Blaugranes as they will reach extreme heights to get him back. Reportedly, Messi is not looking for extending his stay at PSG, as he has been booed and whistled by the PSG Ultras following a string of losses to their opponents. Former French legends Emmanuel Petit and Thierry Henry had also voiced about the audacity of the PSG supporters, citing about disrespect to the game.

Catalan daily MD say if the club can get ahead and register the World Champion in the upcoming summer transfer window, then Barcelona would be able to increase their income by 25%, with the optimistic estimate of one-third of the total revenue.

Now, it is up to the club as they will look for feasible options to register the best player in the world.

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