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Messi: Fairytale return on hold as complicated issues hinder his comeback

Fairytale comebacks are always magical, especially when it comes to a player who is a stalwart and built a legacy in the club, which is hard to break. Same is the case for Messi, whose legacy in Barcelona is difficult to be built again as he is the “one”. Recently, speculations about his return to his “home” Barca has made the football fanatics swoon all over the world. He is not understood to be in a good camaraderie with his present club, PSG, the French Champions. He has been whistled and booed by the PSG ultras and this insulting attitude of the supporters has been condemned by football greats like Emmanuel Petit and Thierry Henry. As a result, he is slated for a fairytale homecoming in Camp Nou, as indicated by club vice president Rafa Yuste few months back.

Complications galore

While everyone at the club were preparing for his magical homecoming, La Liga president Javier Tebas has sounded different in his recent interview with RMC Sport. The Argentine world cup winner’s contract ends in June in PSG, and is not likely to renew and extend his stay at the French capital. As a result, FC Barcelona is believed to be in touch with the superstar’s board, to highlight some financial issues, but due to some financial issues of the Catalan club, Tebas has deemed the transfer of Messi as “complicated”.

Barcelona needs to comply with salary caps of some distinguished players in order to allow Messi in the club. He was heard saying, “If you ask me the question today, Messi’s return to Barça is very complicated, to RMC Sport.

He also added, “We have to see how that will evolve but several conditions would have to be met, Barça players would have to leave, there would have to be a reduction in wages. And then you have to know what salary Messi would have at Barça. Barça is not like PSG, which has a gas and money tap which allows it to have a large payroll. As we speak, it’s complicated for Messi to return to Barça”.

Now, it is up to Messi to decide in which club he would like to join, to continue building his legacy in Barcelona or join American side Inter Miami.

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