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Osasuna: Spanish side granted permission to participate in UEFA Conference League, following a positive verdict

It is time for La Liga side Osasuna to rejoice as they have been granted the long-yearned permission to participate in the European elite as they will be allowed to participate in next season’s UEFA Europa Conference League. Los Rojillos will be happy after their appeal has been approved by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Osasuna back in European elite

CA Osasua, La Liga side has had a bright week ahead of their pre-season as their appeal against the verdict of not playing in UEFA Europa Conference League has been turned down, thus bringing back the “Rojillos” back in the European fore. The club has released an official statement confirming the verdict as it will be time for the club to rejoice after one of their best seasons.

Pamplona will be on cloud nine this week after hearing this judgement, as Court of Arbitration of Sport have cleared them of all charges. This season, Osasuna has had a brilliant season, owing to the likes of Chimy Avila, Ibanez, who have led the Rojillos to a frolicking seventh-place finish, which have earned them a European status.

Accused of match-fixing scandal

UEFA have previously declared Osasuna shy of participating in the European elite, as they had accused the club of breaching the conduct of sport, being accused in a match-fixing scenario in 2013-14 season. At that time, the club went to report the incident to the authorities, as they were declared victims of match-fixing with the club directors being the perpetrators.

In the meantime, after taking the case to CAS, club officials did not mention anything about their ruling out of the tournament, but stated about UEFA’s conclusion, as the Spanish authorities had dawned upon a latest evidence which justified the club to be a victim of this fixing fiasco.

This justice would be a relief for the Spaniards as Sporting Director Braulio Vazquez had mentioned it led him to question his faith in football, as the club will participate in the play-off draw in August, with rest of the teams.

Athletic Club misses out on an European opportunity

As a result of the verdict which held Osasuna responsible for match-fixing when they were about to miss out, it was confirmed that 8th placed finishers Athletic Club de Bilbao would get the opportunity to play in the coveted tournament, whose trophy is currently in the hands of West Ham. Los Leones would have taken their position if their immediate front rankers were upheld by this false decision, but they have to reshuffle their plans as they would be missing out on a huge European elite opportunity.

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