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Chelsea: Mauricio Pochettino frontrunner for Chelsea job

Chelsea have been slumping down the Premier League table in the last few games as they are left reeling in the bottom half of the leaderboard, closer to the relegation spot. They are desperately in quest of a new manager after a disastrous outing in most of the season.

So, Chelsea has been looking for some familiar faces in their managerial board. Someone, who is well acquainted with the managerial plight in the Premier League. Of the top priorities, Argentine and former Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino emerges as the frontrunner for the job as he has earned his position as a player’s manager over the years, as reported by some of his former players.

“Gave me a lot of confidence”

In his coaching tenure, he has influenced and trained lot of players who went on to achieve some milestones in the bigger stage. The first name that comes to our mind is of Phillipe Coutinho, the Brazilian and Liverpool wonder was once under the wings of the Argentine. He was heard saying, “Mauricio gave me a lot of confidence. He helped me believe in myself and become the player I am,” indicating about his influence.

A player’s manager

In Tottenham, Poch, as he was fondly called by his players, stood out among other managers for his generous nature and holding up players who mattered to him the most. His influence on Harry Kane was well documented as well as his convincing attitude over Son Heung-Min to stick with is well remembered among the fans.

He says, “I look in people’s eyes and it becomes easy to connect. I believe people can perceive what you are about and that first impressions are big – you need to be strong and honest and people will relate to that. Players need to feel how you work and trust in you.”

He molded Tottenham in front of all the supporters, from scratch. Turning from a laughing stock into a Champions League finalist squad, he has done it all.

But after Pochettino departed, Tottenham’s performance has nosedived drastically, with the latest being a 1-6 mauling in the hands of Newcastle. Meanwhile, Chelsea would like to strengthen their coaching fraternity by the inclusion of Pochettino on the top, as his Premier League experience might help Chelsea to come out of the loophole they have fallen in to.

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