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Sergio Ramos: Legendary Spanish defender re-joins La Liga outfit Sevilla, after being linked to Saudi side Al-Ittihad

Sergio Ramos, legendary Spanish stopper, who has plied his trades at several heavyweights like Real Madrid and PSG, has finally turned his eyes towards La Liga side Sevilla FC, would be joining the club for a second stint. The Spanish club had offered a short-term deal, as Ramos has decided to snub a lucrative Saudi deal to join his former Real Madrid teammate Karim Benzema at Al-Ittihad.

Sergio Ramos joins Sevilla

Sergio Ramos, one of the “greatest of all-time” in the defensive sector, has decided to return ‘home’ to ply his trade in Spanish side Sevilla, as he would be playing for them for a short-term contract on offer. He has been one of the legends in defense, often considered to be the best in business, owing to his exploits in the central area, as his prowess ranges from ball clearance to scoring outrageous goals, thus making him one of the potent defenders who can easily get past opponents to score a flashy goal.

A legend for Los Blancos, he have spent considerable amount of time in the whites at the Spanish capital with Real Madrid, and has led the side to several accolades including the coveted UEFA Champions League and La Liga.

After he played for Real, he left the capital city to pursue his “French dream” as he joined Ligue 1 giants Paris Saint-Germain in 2021, combining with his once arch-rival from FC Barcelona, Argentine World Cup winner Lionel Messi. He has shouldered the responsibility of playing in the elite squad PSG, leading the defensive sector for two years, before running out of his contract this year.

Being a legend, one does not have the dearth of potential suitors, as Ramos received lucrative offers from several heavyweights, ranging from MLS to Saudi Pro League. In Saudi League, he was offered a handsome amount to feature alongside his Real Madrid teammate Karim Benzema in Al-Ittihad, with Saudi fans hoping for a possible Madrid reunion, but Ramos chose his former club Sevilla, as the Spanish giants gear up to welcome their favorite boy.

A legendary welcome

Ramos, who was born in Andalusia, has featured for Sevilla in his younger days, when he started his professional career. He played for the La Liga giants during 2003 to 2005, and showcased his prowess in more than 60 games, scoring four goals. Later, in 2005, at the end of his contract at Sevilla, Ramos decided to shift his base to the Spanish capital, Madrid where he stepped on the way to success. In Real Madrid, he has featured for them in more than 450 games, amassing 72 goals, thus becoming one of the seasoned veteran defender who can go berserk in front of the goal.

According to football transfer pundit Fabrizio Romano, Ramos has completed his move at Sevilla, and the club is preparing for a grand welcome to greet their legendary star, who will return to his ‘home’ after 18 years. Ramos would look to uplift the mood of Sevilla fans after they have endured a harsh season in 2023-24, being defeated in three games consecutively.

Thus, as people say, Ramos ‘left the club as a boy, comes back as a legend’, as he would look to continue his impressive streak for his ‘home club’. He is slated to have medicals ahead of joining the club this weekend.

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