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Sergio Ramos: Spanish legend gets emotional on Sevilla return, breaks down in tears during unveiling

Legendary Spanish defending stalwart Sergio Ramos has been unveiled as a Sevilla player, and he is back to the place where everything started. Last day, when he was presented at the Ramon Sanchez stadium as their latest recruit, which was attended by more than twenty thousand fans, he was moved by the love and support as he was seen in tears.

Sergio Ramos ‘re-joins’ Sevilla

Sergio Ramos has been one of the best in business when it comes to the defensive sector. One of the legends of defense, be it for Spanish National team or in Real Madrid colors, he has been one of the most sought after stoppers in the world. He is renowned for his presence of mind on the field, which surmounted to effective clearance of the ball, as well as efficient penetrative passes to the midfield, eventually leading to goal. Often he was summoned to the goal while his team was awarded a set-piece, as he is one of the rare breed of defenders who can become a monster in front of the goal.

Having played for Real Madrid for more than a decade, where he has built a legacy, Ramos decided to pursue his ‘French dream’ of playing with the French giants PSG, where he joined two years ago, in 2021. In PSG, football fans witnessed a weird yet legendary partnership of Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi, erstwhile rival captains of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, playing together, as the duo were up on their heels to woo French football fans.

In 2023, after his contract and French dream ran out, he was in no dearth of potential suitors as he was offered humongous amounts by Saudi Pro League club Al-Ittihad, in bid of rekindling his reunion with former Madrid mate Karim Benzema. He was even in contention of playing for Turkish clubs and MLS, but he chose to vouch for a home-return to Sevilla, where everything started.

Back after 18 years

Ramos returned to Ramon Sanchez stadium after leaving the club in 2005, 18 years ago. Last night, on unveiling, the toughest defender of Spain, was reduced to tears after he witnessed a spectacle in Sevilla’s home ground, as fans swarmed in numbers to greet and welcome their favorite boy. Sevilla and Ramos were not completely on good terms as their camaraderie hitting a jolt when Spain’s hardman left them to join the Galacticos in 2005. In Madrid, he has left a legacy, but his pathway to legacy began in Sevilla, as he would look to emulate his Madrid and PSG numbers with his ‘home’-club.

In 2018, when he celebrated a brace in front of Sevilla fans, he was abused with jeers and boos, and was showered with cusses. After signing for the club, he was heard apologizing Sevilla fans and supporters whom he has hurt, owing to his transfer to Madrid, almost two decades ago.

He was heard speaking about his memories of playing at Ramon Sanchez stadium as he said, “It makes me emotional to talk about my grandfather. The image I left with is very ugly, he left here crying. In the end we have been Sevilla fans since birth. The last memory of my grandfather is very ugly, leaving here (from the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan) and seeing how people whistled for his grandson.”

“Obviously when making a decision I took it into account. We didn’t deserve it. Neither as a family, nor as fans, I think it harmed and penalized all of us. When a point like this arrives, you receive many offers. I don’t like to talk. But we had the opportunity to continue in Paris. Far from my house, from both Seville and Madrid. One reflects and sees how the years go by, and the opportunities went by too.”

Ramos joins an elite list of players at Sevilla as he will be playing with former Barca great Ivan Rakitic and would look to rekindle the relationship with Sevilla fans, as Spain’s toughest defender would look to ply his trade with his home club in the upcoming fixtures.

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