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Sky Sports: Peter Drury joins commenting board after legendary Martin Tyler departs

It has been one of the overwhelming weekends for Premier League and football fans as they have seen one of their favorite commentators step down from his duties, only to be replaced by another commenting icon, who seems to be eager to fill his shoes. Legendary Martin Tyler, the voice behind “Aguerooooooo” when the Argentine led Manchester City win the Premier League after a screamer on the dying minutes against Queens Park Rangers, stepped down from his duties, only to be replaced by another football icon, Peter Drury, the voice behind “The Little Boy from Rosario, Santa Fe”, referring to Messi after he won his most coveted spectacle, the World Cup.

Martin Tyler calls curtains on a stellar career

They say, it will be very hard to replace one legend after what Martin Tyler has covered in the past thirty years. He has been on the helm since Sky Sports took over the Premier League, being on the roster since 1992. Throughout his reign, he will be remembered for his contribution towards the commentating sector. Several notable ones include the match against Everton against Bayern Munich, but he will always be remembered for his scream in response to Aguero’s winner in the match against Queens Park Rangers.

The match was tied at 2-2 and if City scored a winner then they will be crowned champions, but then a Premier League side, Queens Park was really proving strong for the Cityzens as they were hard to pass through. But, when the clock ticked 92:50, three minutes into the stoppage time, Sergio Aguero, the City legend scored a banger to seal the deal for City and they got closer to taste the cup glory. Tyler went gaga while screaming over his microphone “Aguerooooooooooo”, and will always be on our minds whenever we see that game.

Two days back, he called curtains on a stellar career and will always be touted as one of the football’s greatest commentators.

As obvious it could get, people would definitely look for a replacement in order to fill his void, and none other than another legend, the great Peter Drury has been named as his successor who has joined the Sky Sports.

Peter Drury, the bard of football commentary

“The Voice of Football” as they say him to be, Peter Drury has gifted us several iconic commentary moments in his career. To mention a few, it would be South African Tshabalala’s screamer in 2010 World Cup which would be ranked on the top as he claims it to be his best, then comes his iconic Roma commentary against Barcelona, in the Champions League, when his famous “Roma has risen from the ruins” will always remain etched in every Roma and football fan.

Roma was trailing 0-3 to Barcelona coming to Rome with a home advantage. None would have thought that Roma could have pulled off that amazing feat of overturning the match in their favor, as Konstantinos Manolas, the Greek star, scored in the dying minutes to hand Barca an agonizing defeat, and Roma, a reason to celebrate advancing in the Champions League. And as poetic it could get, it was a Greek who helped Romans to “rise from the ruins”, and Drury’s voice reverberated through every fan present in that stadium who witnessed that spectacle.

Next, in his list, would be the best as Messi and Argentina scripted a historic World Cup final victory against France, and Drury gave us one more reason to call him the “bard of football commentary”. Every single individual would remember his voice as he said, “The Little boy from Rosario, Santa Fe” had just got “notched up in heaven” after Messi and Scaloni got their most coveted World Cup trophy. The poetic verse would always remain etched in our minds as he says, “Lionel Messi has shaken hands with paradise”.

Time for the legend to light up Premier League

After conquering the world with his iconic voice and verse, it is time that he will be lighting up the Premier League after he has joined Sky Sports. After his appointment, he mentioned in a statement, “I’m massively excited to be joining Sky’s outstanding roster of commentators. To be working on the best games week in week out with a broadcaster that has told the Premier League story since the very beginning feels like the opportunity of my career and I can’t wait to get started.”

Everyone in the football circuit is excited to welcome the “Bard” as director of Sky Sports shares his ecstasy by saying, “We’re looking forward to welcoming Peter Drury to Sky Sports. Peter’s one of the game’s most poetic commentators and will bring great energy and enthusiasm as well as his award-winning broadcasting experience to our unrivalled coverage of the Premier League.”

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