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Told Ronaldo I hated him: Paulo Dybala makes Shocking Admission

Paulo Dybala has been one of those lucky players to have played alongside both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the two greats of the game.

He has represented Argentina National Team on various international outings, where he has played alongside Linoel Messi. And with Cristiano Ronaldo, he shared around 3 years at Juventus.

Paulo Dybala opens up on “Hating Ronaldo”

Hence it surprised everyone when the he revealed to the world that he had told Ronaldo about how he hated him growing up as a child in Argentina.

In a recent interview while talking about his years at Juventus, Dybala said, “There’s a big rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo in Argentina. Once, we were flying out for a game, I was sitting at the back of the plane and he was slightly ahead. At some point, he came to me, we spoke about life in general for a while, and I told him: ‘As a kid, I practically hated you.’ We laughed about it and we’ve always been on good terms.”

While there is a lot of buzz about the rivalry between the two players, it seems that the same is not true on personal front. Both messi and Ronaldo have some respect for each other.  And this has been evident over the years.

Players who played along with Messi and Ronaldo

Any players of either nationality have always praised their counterpart. For example, players like Hugauin, Di Maria, and Lisandro Martinez (Argentine players) have played alongside Ronaldo at club level. They have always been talking positive things about him.

Similarly, Portuguese players like Renato Sanchez, Nelson Samedo, and Andre Gomes, have played with Messi at Barcelona and PSG. They too have anything but positive words in the praise of the Argentine great.

Hence, it is right to conclude that the rivalry between the two players is the one created by Media. Both the players have no beef between them. In fact, Ronaldo talked during a football function about how he would like to host Messi for a dinner.

The whole world would want to see that happen. As they have already witnessed what can happen when both GOATs come together.

Last year, Messi and Ronaldo posed together for a Luis Vitton photoshoot and it went on to become one of the most liked post on the Internet. Therefore it will be interesting to see what the future has in store for the two greats.

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