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Ukraine: Ukraine Football Federation admits their boycott in UEFA Competitions which feature Russian teams

Ukraine Football Federation seems to enter a new feud in their football history as they have mentioned their non-agreement in participating in UEFA competitions which comprises Russian teams. UEFA had previously barred Russian teams from UEFA competitions but have eased their decision by admitting Russian Under-17 team.

Ukraine confirms boycott

Ukraine and Russia seems to have been in tenterhooks since last two years, as the two powerful nations entered in war, prompting banning of several normal regulations. Over past two years, Ukraine and Russia seems to have reached their climactic potential, thus leading to their ban from several international competitions. Consequently, UEFA had banned Russian teams from taking part in football competitions owing to their offensive stance towards Kiev. But, European football’s governing body seems to have eased their ban by allowing Russian Under-17 team to participate, as they mentioned that a “generation of minors” was getting deprived of their right to compete in an international tournament.

In response to this decision by UEFA, Ukrainian Football Federation have called for boycotting every tournament which has the participation of a Russian outing. They said in their official statement, “The UAF confirms that it will not take part in any competitions involving Russian teams.” They have further asked remaining UEFA member nations to boycott matches against Russian outfits. In response to UEFA’s ban ease, Ukraine football federation has asked for boycott of every tournament which has Russian teams.

“Strongly condemns”

Ukrainian Football, which has several stars who are plying their trade in Premier League including Arsenal star Zinchenko, have previously voiced their concerns over rising Russian attacks, sounding concerned about the future of the country. Till date, the Russians have not stopped their offensive attacks, and in the current scenario of UEFA easing their ban of Russian teams seem to be rubbing salt to their wounds.

UAF (Ukrainian Football Federation) has further stated, “The Ukrainian Association of Football strongly condemns the decision by UEFA to return U-17 teams from Russia to international competitions. The UAF confirms that it will not take part in any competitions involving Russian teams.”

Arguing their decision, UEFA has explained their re-admission of Russian teams by saying a “generation of minors” should not be punished for the wrongdoings of elders. It further revealed that Russian teams would be barred from playing in their own territory, and National Flag, anthem and national playing kit will be barred.

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