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‘Voice of football’ Peter Drury meets ‘Voice of cricket’ Harsha Bhogle meets in London

In a sensational encounter anticipated since a long time, the credible β€˜voice of football’ Peter Drury has finally met the β€˜voice of cricket’ Harsha Bhogle on this Thursday. The meeting between the two popular commentators took place in London.

Our famous β€˜voice of cricket’, Bhogle finds himself in London owing to his position in the commentary team of the Star Sports Networks for anticipated final between India and Australia of the World Test Championship.

Bhogle was seen earlier sharing a photograph of himself with the famous β€˜voice of football’ Drury on his social handle.

The jubilant news of this meeting between the two famous commentators to the fans and supporters was brought previously during the Europa League final held earlier this month between Sevilla and AS Roma, in which, Drury was ruling the mics.

Drury was heard mentioning during the broadcasting of the event that he would be meeting up with his cricketing counterpart, Bhogle later in London during the final week of WTC. The β€˜voice of football’ in fact, went ahead to mention Bhogle as his hero.

What’s Happening at the WTC Final 2023?

As for the situation between the Aussies and Indians on pitch, Australia currently lead the game after playing for 2 days. Aussies have set a mammoth wall of 469 runs after deciding to bat first. On the contrary, it is a difficult uphill climb for the Indians as they have lost five wickets for just a mere 151 runs as their day two comes to an end.

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