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Watch: La Liga champions FC Barcelona chased off field by Espanyol fans after 4-2 win

Football Club Barcelona registered an emphatic win at the home ground of their local rivals Espanyol to clinch their first La Liga title in 4 years. And the home fans did not like it at all.

After winning the game 4-2, Barcelona players were celebrating on the pitch when some Espanyol supporters jumped the barricade to chase them off the field.

Watch: Espanyol fans chase off Barcelona players

What resulted moments later was chaotic yet hilarious, to say the least.

The event took place in the RCDE Stadium in Cornella, where Barcelona was supposed to secure a win to be crowned as champions. Generally, players are handed over the trophy on their last home game.

Hence, the players decided to cherish the moment with their support staff. They made a circle in the middle of the pitch and started celebrating before the away fans found it disrespectful.

Xavi, the Barcelona manager, later confirmed that same in his statement.

Xavi asked Barca to respect Espanyol fans

“We didn’t celebrate just because we were at Espanyol’s ground… I told them to come in because I thought that was enough… the celebration is normal, but I know we’re not at home and we can’t lack respect. I know (emotions are) difficult to control but I told them the best thing would be to get inside now.”

Xavi had left the pitch earlier and had asked the players to do the same. But their emotions or the feeling of rubbing in to their local rival’s nose almost landed the players in trouble with the home supporters.

Barcelona with this win over Espanyol has secured their 27th League Title, and first title in 4 years. The last time they won in 2019 Lionel Messi was the captain.

This win can be seen as significant on several fronts. First and foremost, it will be the perfect tribute for their club captain Sergio Busquets who is leaving the club later.

And a welcome gesture for Lionel Messi who’s nearing ever so closer to rejoining Barcelona after his 2-year sting with Paris Saint Germain.

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